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doodles at work 

im addicted

why didn’t i watch this earlier?

so I got some pretty bad news today and I’ve been crying all day. So I decided to give Hiakyuu!! a try and it ended up being a pretty good distraction. Still crying a lot but at least I found a new anime to fawn over.

Coloured sketch commission for drawnoutblog!

I got a bit carried away with it, but anyhow, it’s his characters from his comic, "Costume Shop"

so for a while I’ve wanted to develop some ics and link them together. these four are the main ones that I’ve been thinking about, but they don’t have names yet :1

But here’s a bit of a summary:

- Redhead dude and blue haired chick are both ballet dancers, and are partners in that respect.
- blue haired chick and pink haired chick are kawaii girlfriends
- Pink haired girl has like no actual fashion sense, but she makes  it seem like she does with crazy patterns and outfits
- blonde with roots growing in loves gardening and works with the plants at her local grocery store.
-Blonde and pink haired girl were friends as kids and remain friends as they grew up.

doesn’t have much about their personalities because I’m still working on them as well as so many other things. I just kind of wanted to draw them all and splurge

A coloured sketch commission for Goatem!

She wanted Dexter and Herself c:

took a break from commissions to homestuck.

it’s been a while 8D