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Our year in animation is drawing ourselves as vikings 8D

So here’s me!! This was super fun and I’m happy with how it turned out!

Met Barbara and Lindsay today at FanEx and it was great! They were both super nice and My hands were shaking because I’m a nervous turd :/

Better pictures with them are coming, as well as a few of my cosplay!

I hope you guys like the prints and buttons! 8D

crummy wip photo, but Nora is almost done!!
Just need to fix up the gloves and wig and iron on her symbol!!

The armour is a bit dark, but I found out that my grey spray paint was too dark too late, so for now and for fan expo, it’ll be a tad bit dark.


A quick (and late) birthday gift for my super cool and super talented friend, Alanna!! 

Love you man you’re the train conductor of my hEART. can’t wait to see u in a week ;)

oh my gosh tHANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3

look at what jasmine drew omg you’re the best!!
Yesss!!! I can’t wait!! I’ll actually be living in oakville SO I CAN ACTUALLY HANG OUT OMG

first time using worbla :0

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You guys are awesome!

I definitely will. definitely >D

really? :0 I’m not offended at all just a bit surprised lol. But Thank you!!